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The Promise Keepers

The Promise Keepers is a fictional drama with elements of love and fantasy. It follows the life of a highly accomplished scientific microbiologist genius Dr. Moto Danzier and his female counterpart Dr. Carmen Jones. They are challenged after they create a formula that allows humans to live on land and underwater. The lure of greed and lust for power by The Russians, Germans, Chinese, and U. S. Government to weaponize the formula and create super soldiers sets off a chain of conspiracies in the intelligence community that leads to betrayal among top governmental leaders, spies, and counterspies in and out of the government. It eventually leads to murders to cover the trail of a "mole" in the pentagon and the "mob boss" whose influence reaches deep around the world.

F.B.I. Special agents and elite marines work together to stop the theft of the formula with our main characters as they are forced to expose Their alter egos as Highly Trained Assassins working under the authority of a secret Black Ops section of the U. S. Government. The formula is put in the only place where it can be "Kept" safe from man to allow the "Promise" of prophecy to be fulfilled.  Imaginatively written and delightfully entertaining with adult suggestive language, humor, and sensuality the reader is sure to be pleased by the many mind-bending plots and twist

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About The Author

Lloyd J. Wheatley affectionately called (Jeffery) by his family and friends is a native of Baltimore Maryland. He is an Air Force military veteran who has worked in Corporate America's fortune 500 companies for several years, to being a successful entrepreneur running his own business in the Luxury Limousine industry for over 26 years. 

He possesses an A.A. degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, and a Master's degree in Human Resource Management and Finance. He has 40 years of experience in Leadership and Management. His strongest areas are Interpersonal Communications, Organizational Change, and Group Dynamics. 

He has since sold the Limousine Company in 2019 and put back on his writing cap since his previous work Blain Hawk U.S. Marshal "The Complete Trilogy" used for academic study at Delaware State University (H.B.C.U.) in Dover Delaware. He also has on several occasions been a guest speaker for the Mass Communications department and Writer's Club. 

Lloyd has also taught at Poly Tech Adult Education in Woodside Delaware. QuickBooks for small businesses, Supervisor and Leadership training seminars for fortune 500 local manufacturing companies employees. A conversationalist on many topics, chess player, and musician. He enjoys and takes delight in other people's abilities.