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Blain Hawk U.S. Marshal - The Complete Trilogy (A Epic Tale of Murder & Vengeance and a Tribute to U.S. Marshals of the 19th Century)

Blain Hawk U.S. Marshal is a western saga that begins in the early 1800s and ends at the beginning of the 20th century. It is inspired by real Black and Native American U.S. Marshals that served during the reconstruction period of America. It follows the Hawk family as they deal with a ruthless murderer by the name of Johnnie Red who goes on a wild killing spree. The peace and love of his family are shattered. The killings create deep revenge in the main character. The story depicts the main character's struggles, triumphs, and abilities to overcome adversities with the aid of his trusted blood brother and other lawmen.

It's not a cowboy and Indian story. It addresses cultural esteem, accountability for those who were lawless and refused to accept responsibility. You will find yourself emotionally gripped. It deals with violent crimes, racism, love, revenge, romance, women's equality to name a few.

Blain Hawk is a fictional character. He represents the many heroic and amazing efforts of the many real Blacks and Native American U.S.Marshals. The author added Social and Legal Leadership counterparts that are factual. The period of time covered in the story gives an imaginative perspective of the factual time in history. All of the factual people's names appear in italic. Clean, tough, and smart, Blain captures it all. Imaginative and humorous at times you will be pleasantly entertained with this action-packed novel. it's a refreshing way to learn American history!

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